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Nurse Burnout and Patient Safety

March 30,2018

Recently I read an article that discussed an allegation that stated nurse  burnout may be causing an increase in nursing errors.  This really made me think that this may actually be a topic that has some relevance.  In my 30+ career as a nurse, I have witnessed many nurses that I would say met the criteria of being "burned out" and they did seem somewhat apathetic towards their job and the care they gave their patients.  This being said, this article discussed how there was a lack of prospective studies to identify direct correlation between the two.  The article did identify that "burned out" nurses were less likely to report errors than a happy nurse- one that is content at work- so the data in these studies might be very bias.   Nurse errors can lead to a detrimental negative impact to a patients stay in a hospital or facility.

Healthcare leaders need to focus on a positive safety culture within their institutions and make sure staffing ratios are manageable and safe to avoid negative impacts on the patients they are caring for.

 Certified Legal Nurse Consultants are invaluable in the legal arena because they know the inner workings of a healthcare setting and can give insight to the legal team. 

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Our First Blog

November 19, 2017

Why Medical Malpractice Attorneys Rely on CLNC® Consultants

CLNC's® enjoy a positive reputation with legal professions due to these top reasons: 

    Specialized Knowledge and Experience

  • Attorneys love that CLNC's® have hands on experience and attorneys value their real-world opinions with relevant issues.

    Strong Credentials

  • When an attorney works with a CLNC® consultant he knows that this nurse has completed extensive training from the pioneer who invented Legal Nurse Consulting and should expect nothing  less than total professionalism, reliability and accurate information.


  • Along the same lines as above, the CLNC® credibility is unlikely to be questioned by attorneys.  Like jurors, attorneys regard the Certified Legal  Nurse Consultant® as the qualified professionals that they are and with that can be assured they are getting good counsel.


  • As a busy professional who wants direct answers, attorneys do not have time to listen to long-winded discussions,  This is why they love CLNC® because we understand time is of the upmost importance and we are professionals with well-developed listening and communication skills who can quickly assess and understand a situation and offer an expert opinion in a direct, clear manner.

These are a few of the reason that make Certified Legal Nurse Consultants®

  the valuable ally in the legal arena.  

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